Beyond the Obscenity: The other side of Big Brother Naija

Beyond the Obscenity: The other side of Big Brother Naija

By Kofoworola Omokoba

The Big Brother Naija is a trending reality show in Nigeria which showcases talents of the participants and which provides a platform for participants to get endorsement deals at the end of the show regardless of who wins the grand prize.

 The show, which is aired live on DSTV and GOTV round the clock for a couple of months, requires great social skills and emotional intelligence and so, only a little over 20 people from diverse cultures and backgrounds are lucky to be selected from thousands who audition for the show.

Housemates are brought together under one roof in a location cordoned off from the public to live a regimented lifestyle under the all-seeing eye of Big Brother.

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Housemates are expected to entertain the viewers by creating interesting contents such as dancing, singing, engaging in workouts, playing games, cooking, painting and so on.

Also, they are tasked with so much brain-charging activities organised by the sponsors of the show. Winners of tasks are awarded cash prizes and other enticing gifts and the viewers in turn expect housemates to be content creators and all-round entertainers.

Big Brother’s House exposes housemates to having good interpersonal relationship skills since sharing a limited space with a large number of people who have different personalities comes with challenges.

They equally learn conflict management as violence of any sort leads to an automatic disqualification of the parties involved. Without access to their phones, there is absolutely no link to their loved ones and the social media and so, they learn to live with each other and create bonds while still competing for the grand prize.

The grand prize for the ongoing Season 6 is to the tune of 90 million naira. Each housemate therefore learns to navigate through limited time and space while respecting others’ sentiments and reservations.

The BBN show introduces housemates and viewers to new ideas and contemporary information on several fields as the housemates do not only have to read and engage in discourses, they often have to spontaneously create drama, learn dances and compose songs suitable for the presentation at hand within a limited time frame.

By the end of the show, housemates would have gained more confidence, improved upon their latent skills and sold out their hitherto potentials to the viewing public with the hope of grabbing endorsement deals.

BBN Season 1 housemate, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, has gone on to host the succeeding seasons till date because his excellent oratory skills captivated the sponsors of the show and he has continued to bag endorsement deals across Africa even as he did not win Season 1.

Every housemate leaves the Big Brother House as a public figure and the newly-found celebrity status paves way for their success outside the house asides the various cash prizes and gifts won from sponsors of tasks undertaken in the house.

The positive impacts of Big Brother Naija show obviously outweighs the obscenities that may be found therein.

The show is rated 18 and so it should not come as a shock to viewers if a group of adults introduce erotic games such as the Truth or Dare to spice up their evenings since being tucked away from the rest of the world could lead to boredom.

The Nigerian economy is still declining and with influential industrialists neglecting the sponsorship of academically-inclined programmes, entertainment-based programmes such as the Big Brother Naija show will continue to serve as big and celebrated platforms for youths to exhibit their potentials and look for a way out of unemployment and poverty.

Omokoba wrote from Lagos

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