Daddy Freeze reacts as UK Metropolitan police threaten Khafi for sex with Ghedoni in BBNaija

Daddy Freeze has reacted to plans by the UK Metropolitan police to sanction their member Khafi fir having sex with Ghedoni in the BBNaija reality TV star.

Daddy Freeze who raised many questions wondered why she left her job just to hustle for Instagram likes to the point that she’s now threatened of losing her employment.

“While some will say it’s her life, I wonder why she would do something I personally consider quite reckless? Like putting a good paying job with benefits and a future on the line for a few followers and linkes on Instagram? How much is N60m that she can not earn from her job in 2 or 3 years?

The s*x part also got me piqued, is she the only one with a vagina? Why she no fit hold body small? But like you guys will say, it’s her life…. So I have no choice but to wish her well. ~FRZ”

Daddy Freeze Khafi

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