Gifty Powers opens up on going under the knife to have a flat tummy

Former BBNaija reality TV star, Gifty Powers has debunked rumors that she went under the knife to achieve a flat tummy.

The reality TV star who said she became plump after giving birth revealed that she never went under the knife as some quarters claim. She also stated that she has nothing against those who do such as long as it’s a professional doctor they make use of.

Speaking on how she arrived at having a flat tummy shortly after giving birth, Gifty Powers shared as seen in the screenshot below.

Few months ago, Gifty Powers expressed disgust at the sight of pregnant women dancing. According her, such is unpleasant as it places the life of the unborn child at risk.

“It’s so foolish and senseless when I see Pregnant women dancing, twisting and jumping. One quick question, Who are you pleasing though? The world, who is rather entertained by YOUR STUPIDITY, THE PREGNANT FROG JUMPER? Nobody knows what you are facing in your home and they don’t care. Do you even know what having “A WEAK BACK” is?”… Continue HERE

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