How my ex deceived and dumped me — Ifuennada, BBNAIJA


After Linda Ikeji revealed the mystery man behind her now delivered baby, women, including celebrities have been  recounting their own bitter love stories. .

Ifu Ennada4

Among those who reacted to the emotional message Linda Ikeji penned on her blog during the early hours of Friday morning was ex Big Brother Naija housemate, Ifuennada, who recounted the bitter tale of how for over five years, her ex continuously tricked her into believing he was the man of her dreams.

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“This made me think about my ex who did his traditional wedding before I went to Big Brother. He kept it from me but led me on. We were going to have sex as soon as I left Big Brother, then I discovered he had done his white wedding- something he hid from me and all that time I didn’t know he traditionally married last year.

Anyone who knows my Michael story knows how much the disappointment has shaped me. I loved him like my life depended on it and I sincerely thought he was the one”, she recalled.

She added that though she still carries the scars of her ex’s betrayal, the experience has made her a better woman, but may never get married.

“He is one of the reasons I continuously favour the idea of not getting married. The kind of betrayal he served me was beyond brutal. How do you know someone for over 5-years, look up to him, love him faithfully and then he goes and acts like a total grade A douchebag?

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Your message spoke to me, Linda, Michael’s part is done in my life but the scars he brought upon me are turning me into the best girl ever. Every now again I thank God because through Michael, He made me realize I can certainly be everything and more just with his (God) help.”

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