Jaruma Reacts As Angela Okorie Drags Tacha On Instagram

It appears popular sex therapist Jaruma is in support of Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie’s claim that reality star, Tacha is an ‘ungrateful personality’.

Concise News reports that Okorie took to Instagram to call out Tacha for not appreciating all she did for her during her stay in big brother house.

The actress, in a long post said even though she doesn’t expect paybacks for every of her kind gestures, she deserves gratitude.

“Some people i helped like Tacha can’t even say, Thank you for giving her my platform
To push her Brand, As the matter of fact she ignores me.

“When I write her, It takes 2 days to reply me Or she directs me to her manager
What an Ungrateful personality.

Stating that it took Tacha two weeks to call her after leaving Big brother house, Okorie said: ” Now I understand why Jaruma unfollowed you.

“Gratitude is important, I told you that a good character will keep you in the industry for a long time, but a bad character will make u loose everything.

“I was the first public face to post ur picture when you entered big brother house,
this alone can make me not to help anybody again.

“Desist from being Ungrateful to people who helped you when u were a nobody, else it will ruin you forever.”

Reacting to Okorie’s claim, Jaruma shared screenshots of the actress’ claims on her Instagram page, with the caption “God is in control”.

Recall that the sex therapist, recently recounted how she had stood by Tacha during her stay in the big brother house, but the reality star ended up not treating her right.

According to the sex therapist, Tacha, after her disqualification acted like “she never did anything for her”

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