Why Yahoo Yahoo boys should not be arrested – Gifty Powers

Former BBNaija reality TV star, Gifty Powers has given reasons why law enforcement authorities should not arrest Yahoo boys.

According to the 26-year old single mother of one, internet fraud aka Yahoo Yahoo is just a game of win or lose.

She also pointed out that the victims ought to be blamed because they were not forced to be victims.

 “Why should yahoo boys be arrested though? It is just a game, it is either you gain or lose. In fact, those that fall, victim, what pushed them to it in the first place?

“It’s what they deserve so they should accept it that way. Or was it someone that forced them to get involved?

Gift Powers also berated the police for arresting innocent boys and branding them Yahoo boys simply because they have a laptop.

“The worst part is that the police hardly does a proper investigation. As long as you have a laptop with you-you’re under arrest, what for”.

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